Introducing EndevHR (en-ˈde-vər)

All of us seek to make a difference somehow. Whether within ourselves, our families, our communities, our businesses, or on a national or world stage, we want to have impact. Our goals and methods vary. We bring different energies, motivations, and potential to what we do. Our effectiveness also varies, hinging on how well our endeavors resonate, motivate, and please the audiences we seek to serve.

As Principal, I’m pleased to introduce our services under the new name—EndevHR—and also to kick-off our new web portal. This website will be kept relevant as the months go by, updated with new case studies, state-of-the-profession theories and practices, and opinion pieces from inside and outside of EndevHR.

EndevHR continues to evolve in pursuit of a difference-making niche for small to medium sized businesses across North America. The new name for the business ties the notion of the passionate endeavors undertaken by entrepreneurs and executives in pursuit of profit and growth with the critical role that a business’s people play in those endeavors.  I am pleased to have a strong network of partners here in the Pacific Northwest and across North America with whom I collaborate, as the demands and opportunities of each engagement dictates.

EndevHR is a boutique human capital consulting/contracted service business.  We’re focused on service, manufacturing, and I/T oriented businesses from start-up to $300M in total revenue. My network of partners and I leverage deep Human Resources and Organizational Development expertise to help businesses stand apart from their competitors in the eyes of their customers.


When brought in as a consultant, we collaborate to help business identify the goals and strategies required to achieve the desired differentiation, and then build the competence within the organization to effectively execute those strategies.


We also work on specific projects as contract service providers. Most often this is in the form of one of four types of service: 1) compliance audits and solutions, 2) pay and benefit analyses and solutions (whole system design or resolution of specific issues), 3) employee relations assistance/adjudication, and 4) management training.

As you work to make a dramatic difference with your business—my partners and I hope that you will not hesitate to engage us in an effort to further advance your work.


                                                                                                                                               Dave Carter – Principal


We’re eager to get to know you and help start you on the path to achieving your goals. Let’s chat!

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