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Talent solutions that build growth and profitability

EndevHR provides finely tailored Talent Management and Human Resources solutions

Few endeavors are as challenging as those faced by entrepreneurial/start-up organizations working their way through the first several phases of growth. Each human capital solution we provide, no matter how small and technical or large and strategic, is designed with a passion to efficiently, yet powerfully support the endeavors of that business.


EndevHR helps businesses achieve growth & profitability

This can’t be done by simply pulling a generic solution off the shelf, or by repeating trend-of-the-month malarky that so often is provided by HR experts.  Ever.

EndevHR’s “hook” is its ability to deliver solutions that fit each business’s unique culture, structure, and customer needs.  How?

  1. efficient collaboration between EndevHR and key leaders in the business; and,
  2. passion for doing whatever it takes to understand the specific needs of each business and their customers, and leveraging this to develop solutions that are perfectly in-line with the strategic directions of each business.

EndevHR works with a variety
of industries

EndevHR currently serves a niche of small to medium-sized businesses in the service and manufacturing industries.  EndevHR has also begun working with several of the diverse players in the “emerging technology” space, helping entrepreneurs work their way through the strategic and tactical talent issues faced during the exceptionally dynamic initial phases of business growth.

We’re small, but that’s
a good thing

Endeavor draws liberally upon a broad network of the finest HR executives, managers, and thought leaders across the country, bringing to bear only those resources required by each client’s specific situation(s). Founded as “OTS Solutions” by Dave Carter  (see bio) in May 2014, EndevHR has grown to serve a clientele primarily located in the Pacific Northwest – although we are also serving a small number of national clients.

While price isn’t the primary differentiator of EndevHR’s work, initial clients will experience considerable efficiencies while EndevHR continues to build its client base.  The primary value provided is derived from a thoughtful, collaborative approach to not only resolving the immediate issue(s) at hand, but building expertise in the business to handle such matters internally going forward.


We’re eager to get to know you and help start you on the path to achieving your goals. Let’s chat!

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