Expanding The Palette of Development Opportunities: Volunteerism

Most readers will be aware of at least some of the research that powerfully indicates the value that volunteerism can create across several dimensions of an organization.  These include:  the growth and development of individuals and teams, the retention of valuable contributors, and the promotion of positive organizational branding.  Yet the ranks of businesses actively encouraging their ... More »

Creating A Coaching Culture: CCL Overview

CCL is one of the best sources of relevant research on organizational behavior and leadership in the business.  Check out their quick overview of a topic you’ve likely been hearing about over the past three years or so.... More »

Excellent Overview: Fostering Innovation

Most leaders desperately seek innovation in their businesses.  Their are few individual and organizational competencies more difficult to develop than Innovation (or it’s close sibling Innovation Management).  The Center for Creative Leadership illustrates four areas where leaders must focus in order to foster innovation in their business.  To read their exceptionally helpful overview, click here:  CCL ... More »

Talent Management: Not Just For Large Corporations

The organization that figures out how to make certain that it’s leaders are as focused on managing the talent of the business as they are at managing ongoing operations and finance will prosper. This means caring about talent, persistently thinking about talent, and spending seemingly inordinant amounts of time providing for the growth of their talent. Many ... More »

Introducing EndevHR (en-ˈde-vər)

All of us seek to make a difference somehow. Whether within ourselves, our families, our communities, our businesses, or on a national or world stage, we want to have impact. Our goals and methods vary. We bring different energies, motivations, and potential to what we do. Our effectiveness also varies, hinging on how well our ... More »


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