Other Resources

A selection of resources structured to provide a solid starting point
from which to build your competence as a talent developer.

Articles & Books

Talent Management:

  • Talent:  Making People Your Competitive Advantage  –  Edward E. Lawler III, 2008.  Published by  Jossey-Bass.
  • The Leadership Machine:  Architecture to Develop Leaders for Any Future  –  Michael Lombardo & Robert Exchanger, 2011.  Published by Lominger International:  a Korn/Ferry Company.
  • FYI – For Your Improvement (A Guide for Development & Coaching) – Michael Lombardo & Robert Eichinger, 2014.  Published by Lominger International:  a Korn/Ferry Company.   NOTE:  Not so much a text, as a tool/reference book to help leaders identify those key leadership competencies required by their organization – and suggestions for how to go about developing and/or enhancing such competencies.   A great tool for both the senior executive and the manager being developed.
  • One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value   – Marc Effron & Miriam Ort, 2010.  Published by Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation.
  • Building Competitive Advantage Through People  –  Christopher Bartlett & Sumatra Ghoshal.   Sloan Management Review, Winter 2002.
  • The Talent Management Handbook  –  Lance Berger & Dorothy Berger, 2011.  Published by McGraw-Hill.

Organization & Work Design:

  • The Why of Work:  How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win  –  Dave Ulrich and Wendy Ulrich, 2010.  Published by McGraw Hill.
  • Cultural Ability:  Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals  –  Paula Caligiuri, 2012.  Published by Jossey-Bass.
  • Reinventing Organizations  –  Frederic Laloux, 2014.  Published by Nelson Parker.

Online Resources

  • McKinsey & Company:  Insights & Publications  –  Easy to navigate website from one of the world’s foremost research/consulting firms.  A plethora of research and articles ranging the entire spectrum of organizational design & effectiveness, some written for the layman, others written more for the academic perspective.  … you’ve likely already read some/many of McKinsey’s papers – they are excellent and nearly always lead you to other, relevant publications.
  • Lominger International – Korn/Ferry:  Products and Services – Sure, some of what they do competes with what I do – but their products (which I use frequently) are designed to provide small to medium sized organizations with powerful tools to help leaders identify and effectively develop their top talent.  Several of their texts are listed above, in the “Articles & Books” section.
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD) – another excellent, and free, source of information and tools to help leaders learn how to more effectively manage talent.

Related Services

Talent Assessment/Development Products:

  • Voices 360 Surveys – by Lominger (Korn/Ferry).  A robust yet scalable tool allowing leaders to confidentially learn how their colleagues, direct report, and boss(es) view their degree of competence across a range of leadership skills.  Available with normative data (when applying the full survey) allowing for comparison of each leaders survey profile with the norms for each area of leadership skill.  Requires certification to administer.
  • DISC Personality Test – A broad personal profile tool providing insight into an individuals work style and relationship building preferences.  Helpful for team building and also one-on-one development.
  • Hogan Assessments  –  The Hogan HPI, HDS, and MVPI inventories couple beautifully with a 360 survey to provide higher potential talent with a great base from which to base decisions regarding the prioritization of their own personal development.  These inventories also require the services of a certified administrator.


Other Talent/HR Consultants I Can Recommend:

  • The RBL Group  –  The alpha dog among talent/organizational design consulting groups.  Although they ply the world of mega-corporations, they also are approachable enough to be useful for the small to medium sized organization.  Founders Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood head a great stable of consultants and coaches.  If the work is too big for my practice, I always recommend clients at least include the RBL Group on their list of potential service providers.
  • Lapin International  –  A unique focus on identifying and aligning their leadership thinking to the “higher purpose” of the organization.  While the spiritual orientation of their approach jumps out at you, they are laser-focused on achieving superior results throughout their engagements.
  • Deloitte  –  Among the best, if not the best, of the classic very large international consulting firms in the human capital space (among others).   They are expensive, but produce outstanding results.


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