HR Contract Work

We tailor our HR contract services to meet your specific needs—
whether that involves a complete review & overhaul,
or just a few tweaks here and there.

Few things frustrate senior leaders as much as people problems do. Whether they involve challenging interpersonal conflicts, persistent retention issues, difficulty recruiting qualified staff, individual or system communication issues, pay disputes, or concerns regarding the challenges of avoiding costly federal, state, or local employment or wage & hour laws and regulations—EndevHR has the expertise you need.

  • service-hrcontractEmployee Issue Resolution     to reduce legal risk associated with often complex legal matters (e.g. FMLA, ADA, FSLA, ACA, …) or simply to help intervene in supervisor/employee or employee/employee conflict resolution – EndevHR will help you find not only prompt resolution of the immediate problem(s), but will also help educate existing managers/supervisors in order to head-off future issues.
  • Wage/Salary Analyses and Alternatives for Resolution  –  Conduct market surveys and internal analyses in pursuit of individual and systemic wage and benefit levels and policies that align with a business’s strategic direction and operational capabilities.
  • Alternative Reward Program Design    EndevHR brings many years of experience in the constantly evolving field of alternative rewards, working to ensure that whatever monetary or non-monetary reward program is developed is appropriate for that business now, and is also viewed from a long-term perspective (to avoid “entitlement syndrome” and to assure it evolves as a business’s strategies evolve).
  • Employment and Wage/Hour Compliance Audits  
  • New Employee Integration: Program Review and Design  
  • Harassment Interventions/Investigations  


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